We hope to shine light on the world of addiction.


Far too often addiction is hidden in the shadows and

goes without being talked about for fear of judgment or shame.


We are creating a space for addiction recovery to be

talked about, celebrated, encouraged and supported.


We Are One Recovery C.A.R.E.S.


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 Addiction often makes us feel like we are ALONE in our struggles. That is why we are creating a community where you can feel safe, accepted and acknowledged. Addiction does not discriminate and it affects every aspect of our community. 



 Join us in our efforts to raise public awareness of the realities of addiction and the massive impact it is having our community as a whole. Awareness allows us to be aware of the dangers of addiction and focus our efforts on prevention and support. 



Our community has very diverse and valuable resources to assist you in your recovery. It is often difficult to navigate the recovery world and find available resources. We hope to bridge the gap between those who are suffering and the resources that are available.



Education can be one of the most empowering things you can do as a support for anyone struggling with addiction. Join us as we learn from leading industry professions and find resources for your ongoing recovery education. 




The heart, passion, experience and expertise behind We Are One Recovery



Cole is a Recovering Alcoholic and just celebrated his 5 years of sobriety. Cole is dedicated to his recovery and has integrated it into his daily life. From recovery meetings, sponsorship, Big Book Study, personal development, meditation and speaking he has made his recovery a top priority in his life. He is a wonderful father to two beautiful kids. Cole joins his wife in co-founding We Are One Recovery in order to give back and welcome others to the world of recovery.


Amanda is the proud wife of a Recovering Alcoholic.  Amanda has been very involved in Coles recovery journey as well as working on finding peace, forgiveness, and healing for herself. She is proud to say that She and Cole, along with their two children, are a “family in recovery” and very openly share their journey in order to inspire others. She works as a Registered Nurse as well as an energy healing practitioner. She enjoys hosting mentoring events and teaching classes on Meditation, Essential Oils and emotional wellbeing.

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Ashley is the proud wife of a recovering drug addict and alcoholic and the proud mom of a recovering alcoholic.  She and her husband Brad are open about their experiences and willingly share their story from a unique perspective of both addict and support person.  Her favorite quote is from Ernest Hemingway and it reads, “We are all broken, that’s how the light gets in.” Ashley works for a local financial institution, serves on multiple non-profit boards, loves volunteering in the community, and simply adores her family.


Valleen is a certified foot zone practitioner and wellness coach, with a professional background in marketing and project management. She enjoys working with clients who are suffering from addiction, as well as those in need of emotional recourse from helping others work through their addictions. Valleen is the proud daughter and friend of recovering addicts and hopes to help spread awareness about addiction and the recovery process so others can be better supports of those suffering. In her spare time, Valleen enjoys spending time with her husband, son, and three dogs. Whether it is outside, hiking, or camping, or watching a sports or musical event, she enjoys an active lifestyle. She also enjoys teaching others about holistic healing, using essential oils, nutrition, and alternative medicine


Joanna Wheelton has worked as an attorney and administrator in non-profit organizations for over 20 years.  She has served in many capacities on non-profit boards of directors, including past Chair of Catholic Community Services of Northern Utah