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Collin Kartchner created a popular Instagram character parody account simply to make fun of Instagram, and used humor to shed light on the negative effects social media can have on our mental health.

Instead of using his large following to promote skinny tea or earn fat stacks from paid sponsors, he used that platform to raise $100k’s for Hurricane Victims, raised money for children fighting Cancer, and put up bright pink “You are Loved” and “You are Beautiful” billboards all over Utah this February which were seen 1.2M times.

He’s now on a crusade to #SavetheKids from social media, traveling across Utah and the country speaking to teenagers and parents about the dangers screen addiction, with a goal to help kids disconnect from their phones, unfollow people who make them feel unhappy, and stop comparing their lives to the photoshopped lives they see on social media.

He and his lovely wife Liz have 4 kids and one enormous dog, and live in Pleasant Grove, UT.


Dustin Hawkins

Dustin Hawkins played in the Houston Astros organization and was a student athlete at Wichita State University, where he received his bachelors degree in exercise physiology and has a masters degree in business administration.

He founded WAR, or Workout Addiction Recovery, a comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment program inspired by his own personal struggle with addiction. He has written three books: WAR: A Revolutionary Approach to Conquering Addiction; The School of Addiction; and Coached by the Lord In The School of Addiction. He lives with his family in Ogden Utah.



Todd currently serves as a Mentor & Personal-Development Coach for those looking to get more out of life, and he also works at, what he calls the best University on the Planet, Wasatch Recovery Treatment Center as a Belief System Counselor.

In 1989 he founded the non-profit, anti-drug entity Sly Dog “Drug Free That’s Me, which features a sought-after education program for elementary schools. This program has encouraged over 100 thousand school-age students, emphasizing principles of positive self- talk, personal commitment, goal setting, and character building.

Todd spent his youth addicted to drugs and alcohol. Through his own recovery and newfound awareness, Todd learned that more powerful than any addiction was the power of the human soul. Over the past 25 years Todd has discovered and taught universal principles that have empowered thousands to conquer addiction, crush compulsive behaviors and change their limiting belief systems.

Todd’s story was recently told through a popular YouTube clip that received over 1 million views and has been translated into 3 languages. Todd has conducted over 1,000 speaking engagements and close to 10,000 individual coaching sessions.

Todd is an author of the popular eBook “It’s Time to Start Living” available on Amazon. He also produces a popular Podcast on iTunes that he actually calls a Beliefcast that is geared toward high school and middle school aged kids. Todd’s Story was also featured in Best Selling Author Simon Sinek’s new book, “Find Your Why”.

Today, Todd uses his firsthand fight against addiction to give hope to thousands of teenagers, young adults, parents and connects with them on an authentic level. Todd has been married to his sweetheart for 27 years. They have four children and live a happy, busy life together.


Alema Harrington

Alema Harrington has been working in front of the camera for over two decades. He is currently the host of “Jazz Game Night”, the Pre, Half and Post Game shows for the emmy award winning television broadcasts of the Utah Jazz Basketball team on the Root Sports Network.

Harrington is a broadcaster by profession but has a passion for Addiction recovery.A recovering addict himself, Harrington earned his Substance Use Disorder Counselor (SUDC) degree from Utah Valley University and currently works at Renaissance Ranch Treatment Centers as a counselor and media relations liason. Harrington is also a board member of USARA and is active with various Addiction Recover Awareness efforts.

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James Hadlock is a former drug-addicted entrepreneur and multi-millionaire turned purpose-driven family man, trainer, and coach who speaks nationally on the transformative power of meaningful connection and how it impacts business, family, and personal success.

He is the founder of BluNovus, a human development company…and with over 25 years of leadership, consulting, and entrepreneurial experience and more than 10 years drug and alcohol free, James’ views on connection and success are thought provoking. A diverse influencer, he has worked with professional athletes, business executives, families, therapists, and the addiction recovery industry. He is known for his hands-on style, where his blend of stories, humor, and research help audiences reach new levels of understanding.

Prior to his speaking and training career, he took over and led a two-year turnaround of a bankrupt company, taking it from $2MM to $18MM in sales and earning a spot as a “top 25 fastest growing UT company”.

James and his wife Alicia enjoy a keto lifestyle, are avid Dodger fans, and live with 6 of their 9 children in the mountains neighboring Park City, UT.



Denton Coleman is an Exercise Physiologist and Medical Researcher who currently resides in Ogden, Utah. Denton received his bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Weber State University and in 2011 decided to step away from his Department of Defense employment and pursue a career in healthcare. After serving as a Personal Trainer at two universities, Denton chose to go his own way and ultimately founded Vanguard Health and Fitness, a holistic health and wellness undertaking.

Denton has authored and lectured on a plenitude of topics within the medical, fitness, and spirituality arenas. As a steadfast proponent of natural medicine, Denton has labored in earnest to bring a deep and comprehensive understanding of the human body's true operation to the mainstream for the consequential benefit of humankind and the imperative sustainment of planet Earth.




“On the surface I would be called a 'recovering addict'. Recovering from an addiction to opiates as the general public would call them. They are just pills and heroine to me….opiates sounds a little silly or pharmaceutical to me. Truth is I'm recovering from a lifestyle, not just drugs. When you are an addict and so much of your life has revolved around it and then you suddenly decide to quit, it takes a shit ton of work. A total reprogramming of the brain and habits.“ -- Kat

Kat’s journey has already marked a page in the Book of Life as one on the “Hero’s Journey” (Campbell). From the absolute social status high of living in a beautiful suburb community with her young family, to the proverbial “hitting rock bottom” and homeless on the coast of California, interspersed with long periods of incarcerations, several ‘rehabs’ and 12-step programs. Very early in recovery she found healing in service. "It kept me clean, happy, connected and safe." Midst building her life back though she barreled through endless obstacles that were in her way from succeeding and saw a true need and lack of support to women and children in the recovery world. She connected to other women in recovery, finding that they also struggled with things so simple as feeding themselves, their children, having transportation to jobs, all while trying to improve their self-esteem and make amends with the wrongs they had committed.

In the last several years Kat has led and taught courses on healthy sexuality and self-love, based on her own battle with self-acceptance and selfforgiveness. It has broadened her reach and positioned Kat as a singular rolemodel for other recovering addicts and those struggling with PTSD and all forms of abuse. Kat is a voice of clarity and passion to those ready to wake up from living life in a victim stance. Kat believes in the healing balm of sisterhood, relating to and finding the ‘soulful’ connection with others. She notes, “It was the women in my communities of incarceration, 12-step programs and rehab that showed me the love I needed in my life. They taught me how to fight, to fight for my own life". Her passion is to support women needing support on their own Hero’s Journey through self-acceptance, humor and sharing with one another.


Don Coleman

Don Coleman is a former International CEO turned Nationally Certified Intervention Professional and co-host of the WAR Podcast which focuses on spreading the message of recovery. He also sits on the management teams of other companies that work with addicts, treatment professionals, and treatment centers.

Don received his Masters in Business in 2008 and helped grow the largest non-profit group of treatment centers in Utah prior to heading into a career in Private Equity. He became the CEO of an international company headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area with offices around the world. A relapse led him to a point where he would go to the Golden Gate Bridge every week trying to decide from which light post he would jump. Recovery came calling…

After recovering at one of Utah’s best treatment centers, he learned that chasing big business is far less important than working with other addicts and helping them turn their lives around.

Today, he works on a number of recovery related ventures including working with addicts one-on-one as a sober companion, sober coach, and mentor, co-hosting the WAR Podcast, and working with families to help them find the best treatment centers for their loved ones.

Don learned that “whatever one puts before their recovery is what they will lose,” so he puts recovery first and strives to help others do the same.







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