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We Are One Recovery is Excited to Announce Collin Kartchner as a Speaker and Emcee for the Expo. 

Collin Kartchner

Collin Kartchner created a popular Instagram character parody account simply to make fun of Instagram, and used humor to shed light on the negative effects social media can have on our mental health.

Instead of using his large following to promote skinny tea or earn fat stacks from paid sponsors, he used that platform to raise $100k’s for Hurricane Victims, raised money for children fighting Cancer, and put up bright pink “You are Loved” and “You are Beautiful” billboards all over Utah this February which were seen 1.2M times.

He’s now on a crusade to #SavetheKids from social media, traveling across Utah and the country speaking to teenagers and parents about the dangers screen addiction, with a goal to help kids disconnect from their phones, unfollow people who make them feel unhappy, and stop comparing their lives to the photoshopped lives they see on social media.

He and his lovely wife Liz have 4 kids and one enormous dog, and live in Pleasant Grove, UT.






VENDOR BOOTHS available 10 am - 6 pm

Doors open at 9:00am.

Check in, grab your complimentary Recovery Directory,  check out vendor booths, purchase tickets for the opportunity drawing

and grab a great seat for the Conference.

Our Educational & Inspirational Conference will run throughout the day with well-known speakers in the recovery space.

This expo is intended for those who are affected, in any way, by addiction and mental illness!

This includes those who are still suffering, their family and friends,

and those who are already on their recovery journey. 

There is no “one way” to do recovery, it is a path that is very personal and unique for everyone. We are here to connect you with leading industry professionals, expose you to the multitude of pathways that will lead you down the road to recovery and provide you with useful tools and resources to assist in the healing process.

We believe that celebrating success in recovery as well as, living a recovery lifestyle is an important part of making your recovery stick. That is why we are excited to help you link up with some vendors in the recovery lifestyle. 



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Golden Spike Events Center




We Are One Recovery Expo will be held at:


Golden Spike Events Center


1000 n 1200 w

Ogden, Ut. 84414